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This is to give you the Adviser/Admin an understanding of the requirements needed to be and continue to be an Adviser/Admin for ADK in the ARK Section.

There is a host of requirements that you as an Adviser/Admin are required to do along with some suggest additions to further enhance ADK and the ARK section. The best way to continue to move upward in the Adviser/Admin ranks is to ensure you surpass the minimum and participate in the suggested additions. Due to the low requirements and laid back atmosphere we strive for our members, we in turn rely heavily on our Advisers/Admin area to perform tasks that many clans and communities require of their members. This in its self makes being an ADK Adviser/Admin by far not an easy task and requires constant dedication to all aspects of ADK, including: Forums, In-game, Discord.

Being Professional, Being Courteous, Having Availability, Lastly integrity to accomplish our goals of having the best Community and Servers.

Advisers/Admins are held to high standards, and is not a position for everyone, Misuse of powers, not properly posting bans, or improper etiquette in our server are all grounds for Adviser/Admin Removal. As we move forward and continue to grow as a community, Admin relationships are more vital and are a direct reflection of ADK and our leadership. We can't have name calling, excessive cursing, excessive racism, bullying and/or being the impatient ban hammer crazy admins. =ADK= is a laid back community, But guidelines must be made and adherence to them is Mandatory. Admins will be held accountable for their actions by random Admin Log and Chat Log checks, ban submissions being done correctly and dispute replies filled out in a timely manner. If an issue comes up that any guidelines cannot be followed, YOU MUST alert/tell/PM a Manager/VA (in this order) as soon as possible.

Any issues with a member you must alert a VA, or Manager. Members are held to the same standard that AOB has set for them.

General Responsibilities

Advisers are the frontline of handling small issues. For example: connection issues, how to play the game, what is needed for this or that. You are here to show that you can not only help for other things but in due time be able to handle server powers. You can always show that you want to move up by asking questions, talking to the manager about the possibility

Admins are the second in the chain, they are their to handle the small issues as well as any big issues that come up, such as in game issues that need someone with Server abilites.

Forum Requirements:

  • Daily check of the designated Admin Section for updates
  • Posting in the ARK section - updates, game info, etc... (1)
  • Constant usage of Ban Requests forms. (Adviser)
  • Constant usage of Ban Sub forms. (Admin)
  • Post Counts: We expect a Min of 1 reply/thread in the ark section and atleast 3 replies in donations/intro's per week

In-Game Requirements:

  • Interacting with player base in a positive manner (Example:squad up, invite to Discord, be friendly, make people want to be in our servers--welcoming). We are the hosts and they are the guests.
  • Advisers and admins both have different tasks but the same required amount of ingame hours: min of 10-15hrs per week
  • When not able to have sufficient in game hours the person can fill in an AFK post so that the managers know who will be gone for a certain period in time. (before AFK, not after)
  • Resolving in-game disputes with respect and Conscientiousness. Direct to discord if needed and is not already there. (contact the ARK admins if you need assistance)

Discord Requirements:

  • Must be active in Discord, Admins who do not remain in Discord while on duty or hardly visit will be removed or suspended.
  • Ban Discord Spammers and trolls that are not ADK related - Remember to fill out the Discord Form.
  • Moderate drama with members and non-members in a constructive manner. Use the Discord admins if you need assistance.

Misc Requirements:

  • Do Not announce that you are a Adviser/Admin if you are playing the game this Looks bad on all of us because people stop respecting us as well as trusting us. (Direct them to discord for help)

Note: As an adviser you will not have any in-game powers due to the fact that you can unlock server powers if you are not careful so as a adviser it is up to you to show the current Admins/Managers/VA that you are capable of wielding that responsibility. The more dedication you put in more than likely you will be moved up.

(1) Trolling the forums is not suitable or acceptable as a ARK Adviser and will not be tolerated. Professionalism is required.