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General Conduct in Channels

Respect those who are in the Channel's and the fact that this is an ADK Discord Server. Sometimes certain individuals may take offense to various topics or terms. Try to familiarize yourself with these people so you do not later offend them.

If you happen to offend someone, apologize. Even if you believe what you said was not offensive, the last thing you want to do is start a flame war over a trivial matter. It will ruin your Discord experience as well as the experience of everyone who may be in the channel with you.

We are all here to relax and have a fun time with each other while escaping the drama real life has; the last thing you want to do is to break that drama-free environment.

Arguments that get out of hand need to be dealt with accordingly, don't start arguing with the person in a public channel; rather pull him up to the admin room to talk with him.

If you need to move someone, admin or players into a different channel, ask BEFORE!!!

Racism, Offensive Terms, and Vulgarity

These items can often offend anyone of any background or culture; however, our Founder believes in a free-speech (R rated) conduct. You are here to express yourselves and relax, if using some of these terms is how you do it then so be it.

However, constantly cursing or saying racist terms in an open channel full of people is the quickest way to lose respect. People may not hate you or dislike you, but you will quickly grow a reputation for yourself that will drive people away from you if you join the channel. AGAIN - be mindful of the people in your channel. If you offend someone, APOLOGIZE.
We are a mature gaming community, let’s be civil and act like one.

Warning: Certain Gaming Sections inside ADK may be more or less strict than others when it comes to the previously mentioned topics.
Example: What may be laughable in ARK may be extremely offensive in Minecraft. You are Warned!!!

Coming from another Gaming Section

Often times, a person may have joined for game XXXXX and are used to interacting with the players and people there, but they grow bored and decide to try out game YYYYYY.
Admins may do this as well.

Warning: You may be Admin in your own Gaming Section; Remember you are not in that area, Adminship does not carry over into another game section.

Gender in ADK Discord or in General

We do not believe in separation of female, male, homosexual, heterosexual, black, white... We only believe in one... human. It's who we are and what we do that defines us, not what we are.

We really do not want to say we should be more respectful of females, treat them with respect as you do anyone else. They don't get special treatment, but remember, you have more fingers on your hand than we have females in ADK, lets not reduce it further.

Sexual harassment or discrimination whether it’s from a male to female or female to male will NOT be tolerated, unless you and said individual(s) are fully aware and are both comfortable with joking about it. If you are uncomfortable with someone addressing you in a sexual manner, speak up, let them know.

Again, be respectful of those in channel. If you are saying something that offends a certain individual, apologize, and stop what you are saying and/or doing. You MUST tell that person to STOP. We are a mature gaming community, try to sort your problems yourselves but if it fails, turn to higher ups for assistance. Just do not be offended if they do not lift you up and put you on a pedestal.

Conduct between Admin staff in open channels

DO NOT start a heated discussion in Discord with other ARK Staff in public. If a discussion is getting to that point, take it to the admin channel so people can't hear two staff members disagree on something. If you have an issue with another staff member, ask them to move to the admin channel to speak with them privately. If you have concerns about a staff member breaking the rules or abusing powers, do not confront the person. Send any and all concerns, proof, and information regarding staff behaviour to the Manager in a private message.

ARK Discord channels

Server Help - ARK

This Channel has been setup to allow players to join and wait for help for ARK.

Open Chat 1 & 2 - ARK

The place where you drag the player asking for help to get some peace and quite from a possible busy Channel, allowing you to find out the issue and respond.

Playground - ARK

This channel is designed for our younger crowd, access is limited to a server group.

Discord Powers

In Discord you have the power to move/ban/kick from channel within the ARK Section of Discord . With this power come great responsibility. As an Adviser/Admin within Discord it is our responsibility to monitor our section from Trolls/ channel hoppers. Advisers and Admins can only ban up to 12 Hrs. in Discord .
The ban times are as follows:

  • Trolls - 12 hrs (The submission reason is: Trolling dispute) Please note that you need to warn the person to stop. If you do not tell them to stop you can't ban them. Once you ban a troll a Discord Admin will come to you and ask you a few question so tell them what happened and if you were in the right they will leave.
  • Channel hopper - Is a 1 hr ban (The submission reason is: Channel hopping) Once you ban a channel hopper a Discord Admin will come talk to you.