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Rcon is an admin tool used to monitor the server and communicate without having to be on the server. It has a wide array of capabilities which include but are not limited to seeing which players are currently on the server, broadcasting messages and saving the server.

RCON Server information

ADK Official PvE 20x/10x Taming

  • Server IP:
  • RCON Port: 27088
  • RCON Password: w9t27

ADK PvPvE (coming soon)

Rules for using RCON

  • Do NOT give the RCON password out to anyone. If someone is in need of the password, they can get it from the manager or from the forums.
  • Do NOT use this to harass or stalk anybody
  • Any business conducted on RCON is to be respectful and in keeping with the upstanding character of ADK (a.k.a. Don't say or do anything stupid or in ill taste)
  • Do NOT do anything that would be considered admin abuse.

Setting up RCON

  1. Click on this link to download the ARKON file: (RCON Tool) Screen 1.png
  2. Click on the zip file link to download Loading.png
  3. Click the carrot next to the ARKon .zip download file and Click Open Clicking.png
  4. Click on ARKon.exe then Extract To Opening.png
  5. Select the destination of this .exe file and click OK Choosing.png

Setting Up RCON for the first time

  1. Open RCON
  2. Select Settings and fill out all the server information
  3. Click Save

Using RCON

Signing in to RCON

  1. Open RCON
  2. Click on your saved Server Configs
  3. Click load
  4. Click Connect

Using RCON Console Section

The console section is used to monitor and keep in contact with players. There are three subsections under the console:

  1. Console (shows who has joined and left the server)
  2. Chat (shows game chat)
  3. Alert Log

The console section can be used to speak in chat and broadcast messages on the server.

  • Choose which you would like (chat or broadcast)
  • Type your message
  • click Send

Using RCON Player Section

This section of RCon shows you the players that are currently on the server. Along with the current players the following commands are available to use:

  • kick
  • ban (This should only been done if a ban report is filed or direction has been given by a Lead VA, Community Manager or AOB.)
  • whitelist
  • remove whitelist

To use one of the commands listed above, click on the players name, then click on the command you want to use.

Using RCON Admin Section

The only commands you should be using are the following:

  • Save World
  • Save World and Exit

All the rest of the capabilities in this section should be done in game or on the server by the manager/developer/or higher