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These are the basic ARK Server Rules, Designed to keept the server running smoothly and to make sure your play is fair.

Please remember that when coming to us with a issue please have evidence so we can fix the issues you have. (1)

NO Hacking/Exploiting/Glitching/Duping

NO Spamming Chat/Racism/Sexism

NO Advertising/Player Poaching

NO Land grabbing

NO Griefing

NO Base Raiding


  • Exploiting would be using known game bugs and mechanics to cheat the system.
  • Glitching would be using game mechanics to gain access to area's not normaly available.


ADK Believe in freedom of speech but, Do not maliciously call people names. We understand that playful banter will happen, but it must not be malicious.
Harassment of other players will not be tolerated, this includes but is not limited to race/religion/sex/heritage/sexual orientation.
Try to keep taboo or politics off of the server.

Advertising/Player Poaching

  • Advertising & Player Poaching - Zero tolerance. We don't recruit for our server in yours, so dont do it on ours.

Tribe Issues

Staff is not responsible the following (not limited to) issues resulted from tribes:

  • Merging tribes and any issues that come from it.
  • Lost, Stolen, Missing and Deleted items/Dino's
  • Griefing, Pratical jokes.
  • Disagreements and tribe member removals

Land Grabbing

  • This basicaly means no setting down anything that claims land with the expressed purpose of saving the land or prevent others from building on it. (1)
  • Moving/Building near another tribe is allowed, but do NOT block their base (This means you can't build on more than two sides of an already existing tribe.)
  • Prohibiting access to a players base
(1) If we see it, we will destroy it.

Blocking Access

  • Dont block rivers and routes to and from Bodys of water.
  • Bridge's - Buildable but do NOt block it completely (Leave a path to Access)
  • Cave's - This is allowed, but if Loot drops & Artifacts are inside it should not be completely blocked (Leave a path to Access)
  • Do NOT enclose Spawn Points or Supply Drops.
  • No Excessively large bases/Fenced area's (Admin Discretion)

Please remember that All rules are subject to change with/without notice and we reserve the right to remove any individuals for any reason per the discretion only of a Community Admin, Community Manage or Founder of =ADK= Gaming Community.