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Procedure to follow:

Banning Players Procedure

Note: When a player is Banned Admins MUST file a Ban Submission with ALL Required Information.

  • Check the forums. (If this player has previous infractions, the punishment may be more severe).
  • Ban in RCON ONLY with the correct reason.
  • Fill out a Ban Submission on the Forums, with all evidence found.
IMPORTANT: If you have to a ban a player without having proof, you must either have a total of 2 Staff Members present to confirm that the player is breaking server rules, or have a Manager confirm. Banning without proof is a LAST Resort. In some cases where there are no other Advisors/Admins/Managers, issue a 24hr Temp Ban and Contact your Manager Via forums or Discord ASAP.

Power Management

  1. You may only use your Admin powers while in Discord Voice. (1)
  2. You may heal yourself if damage taken is related to assisting a player.
  3. If you should loose your gear while admining get a second adviser/admin to refund your gear.
  4. All Power usage must be logged in the ARK Leadership forum topic - usage without posting will result in admin removal.


  • Refunds for Yourself or your group MUST be handled by another Admin. (2)

(1) Using your in-game powers outside of Discord Voice is considered admin abuse, this is your Warning!!!!
(2) This is for your own protection; Admins should never refund themselves or their group due to abuse accusations

Spawning Items and Dinos

  1. You may spawn in items and dinos as part of a pre-arranged event or to refund a player items due to server/game glitches.
  2. When spawning in items make a post in the admin section containing the following information:
  *Player and tribe helped
  *Items used and items destroyed (Make sure to include screenshots)


Ban Disputes

Ban disputes are ONLY to be handled by Managers/VA's, when the opinion of an adviser/ Admin is required, we will ask for it through an @mention.
We want to avoid the image of us "ganging" up on the poster of the ban dispute.

ALWAYS: Replies need to be professional, state the facts and not opinions or story’s. Try not be condescending, Disrespectful or Rude towards the person.

Posting Bans

Posting your bans is a requirement. I will explain the importance of this: By properly posting bans we can easily search for the player’s name. This will tell us how many times the player has been banned and/or ban requests submitted on that player. Doing this provides an easy tool to simplify whether a player should be unbanned, made to serve out their time and thus providing quick and professional customer service. Generally, when no definitive proof (screenshots, video, and data) has been provided in a ban and a ban dispute has been made, approval will likely be granted as long as they are respectful.

Admin Abuse posts

Admin Abuse posts are ONLY to be handled by Managers/VA's, if the opinion of the targeted person is needed we will @mention them.
Same reason here, just to not give the impression of people ganging up on the original poster.
If you have any proof that is important to the report you can send it to us via a PM.

Reaction time

Admins are required to reply in a timely manner to ban requests.
Ban requests: act on within a day, lock when dealt with.

Event Procedures

In order to host an Event, You and any helpers must be on discord voice. Need to have an admin hosting or supervising the event.

All Events must be logged on our forums.